We facilitate meaningful partnerships between grassroots initiatives, artists and businesses
  • 1We engage companies to buy cause-based artwork for their offices as part of their CSR programmes
  • 2We provide homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants with art advisory services and commission our community of artists to create specific cause-based artwork according to the needs of our clients
  • 3We organize art exhibitions and community events for NGO’s, government agencies and companies
  • 4We facilitate interactive art workshops and hands-on-training for individuals, groups and corporates
  • 1We showcase artists and creatives through our platform and connect them with a wider audience
  • 2We empower artists to create meaningful artwork that addresses social causes and global issues
  • 3We help artists and creatives sell their artwork online and through our frequent exhibitions
  • 4We commission artists to create new and exciting illustrations for individuals and companies
  • 5We provide a platform for artists, creatives and social initiatives to collaborate on exciting projects
  • 1We showcase social initiatives and inspiring changemakers and connect them with a wider audience
  • 2We promote social impact and positive change through our art events, exhibitions and workshops
  • 3We provide a collaborative space for initiatives to connect with partners & potential sponsors