Nazia Parveen , from Pakistan

When the oppressed literally climbs to the top. Nazia Parveen = Girl Power

The AJALA Project brings to you a seasoned achiever climbing her way to the top of the rocks in an otherwise male dominant sport in Pakistan. We bring to you the story of Nazia Parveen, who through her personal accomplishments inspires girls in her society to create a gender equity in adventure sports.

In the last 5 years, Nazia has won every climbing competitions she has participated in Pakistan, 32 competitions to be precise. She has set the records straight with gender equality by defeating men in four of those competitions and being the first woman to represent Pakistan at an International level.

Over the last couple of years, she has driven the interest of girls to adventure sports in Pakistan. From a mere 15 enrollments per year in adventure clubs to a significant achievement of 350 girls enrolling into adventure sports each year. This has been made possible by with her spearheading a cause that her parents equally support. Her Father has been instrumental in her going out there in the “Man’s World” and create an equal image of Woman’s role.

A simple encouragement from her family to follow the dreams enabled Nazia to gain momentum. With her personal accomplishment, she was the silent hero for many girls in her society who looked up to her achievements and were inspired to follow her steps, and venture into this male dominated sport. Thus bridging the gap of gender inequality with enthusiasm and passion.

Her rock climbing skills prepared her for the life ahead, because climbing requires a lot of physical effort and an equally sharp mind, she has been able to make better choices inspired by the seasoned techniques needed for a climber. Her success in climbing translated into a fruitful life and career path.

Nazia firmly believes that gender equality begins from Home. It is often the first step of stepping out from the comfort of our homes and into the real world challenges and differences. If it weren’t for her father, he brother would have never accepted her progress. If it weren’t for her brother, she wouldn’t have felt secured in chasing her passion. Thus, what began from her home, inspired her neighbors and that inspired the whole society to come together and let the girls step into the male dominant society with equal opportunities.

Nazia is determined to create opportunities for women in competitive adventure sports and change the world views on Pakistan, such that she creates a positive appreciation of the women in the oppressed environment. She wishes to see Pakistan as a nation that nurtures and empowers her daughters to dream and achieve big.