Jcqs Leui , from Nepal

How a mountaineering visit changed Jacq’s life and inspired her to set up an initiative to support rural communities in Nepal

The Ajala Project presents Jacqs Leui’i, an adventurer changing the world.

The combination of Jacq’s professional experience in the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Industry and her personal passion for the country of Nepal, led her to a point in her life where combining her passion and abilities for the benefit of humanity became necessary. Jacqs founded Unite for Nepal, a UK-registered charity focusing on the UN Global Goals of Improved Health & Well-being, Reduced Inequalities, Gender Equality and Clean Water & Sanitation.

What made you decide on your mission?

Any specific event or incident? I first traveled to Nepal as a trekking tourist in 2011. The people, the country and the culture got under my skin and into my heart immediately. Before I left I had planned my next visit. I now return every year for 4–5 weeks, and from next year hope to be able to make this a bi-yearly event. Unite for Nepal, an initiative dear to my heart sprung partly from conversations Ihad with some of Nepali friends and their interpretation of what is needed, as well as where I believe my passion and skills lie.

What is your main mission and the objective of Unite for Nepal, UFN?

Improved health & well being and reduced inequalities for all in marginalized and remote communities in Nepal. We hope to promote the simple message that every life matters equally, and no human should suffer because of where they are born, who they are born to, and what gender they are.

What are your biggest motivators?

Love. Gratitude for the luxury of my own existence. The beauty of Nepal and the generosity of spirit of the people.

What do your close connections feel of the work you do and what are some of your biggest successes of the Unite for Nepal initiative to date?

I’m not really sure how to answer this. They are aware of what I do to a certain degree. They understand it’s importance to me, but I do feel I am currently on this path alone. United For Nepal has literally already changed peoples lives. Our latest projects was providing an annual salary for a female nurse at a remote health clinic so that the women of the district feel more comfortable discussing certain health issues and also building a safer playground and out building for a Primary School and Kindergarten so that the children can play and exercise in a safer environment. Our next project will be to build gender specific toilets at this school with running water. We plan to set up a sustainable revenue model, which is centered around promoting tourism in Nepal through themed retreats sponsored by the Unite for Nepal initiative

What are your biggest challenges, what do you think are the two most important issues that should be addressed in our society today?

Remoteness, cultural differences, proper accountability and administration. Health and Equality, both of which are intrinsically connected to Education

What is your fondest memory since you started your mission?

The thing I think of most often is the future more than the past. I dream of the future and see in my minds-eye where and how UFN can make a difference. Of course the smile on a face is always going to leave a huge imprint.

What does The Ajala Project mean to you and what do you expect from us?

It means sharing of ideas, concepts, stories, passions. Motivation through these. Being part of a community who are working towards change, creating a positive impact, love, support and the intertwining of human-ness.

What do I expect? I would like members of this community to question me, challenge me, support me in creating a better place for Nepali people.