Ahmed Eldesoukki , from Egypt

Ahmed shares the story of how he started Dubai Daily Fitness, a community that raises awareness about social causes through sporting event and adventures

The Ajala Project presents Ahmed – an adventurer changing the world.

Ahmad, a professional photographer and art designer started a fitness group in Dubai two years ago called Dubai Daily Fitness (DDF). A movement to raise awareness about social causes through sporting activities and adventure. It now has more than 1500 members and has successfully supported more than 10 causes across Africa and Asia.

When did you start your project, what made you choose this project?

Initially I ran a small fitness group on Whatsapp with a number of friends, and in parallel I ran an initiative called Cycle 4 A Cause, where I raised awareness among amateur cyclists about causes that needed our support.

What impact were you able to create, what positive change was made?

Through this cycling activities we were able to raise substantial amount of money and we sent this charity organizations in dire need of funds or people who had difficulties in making ends meet in marginal communities. Our cycling activities worked successfully, not only were people excited about performing an activity together and also supporting underprivileged families, orphanages & refugees through their contributions.

It is what inspired me to create the Dubai Daily Fitness, a community that encourages its members to be active on a daily basis and collaboratively supports countless causes around the world. By creating this community I started believing in the power of humanity and when we get together we become very powerful. We are able to change a tragic situation into a more bearable one for the many less fortunate people/families out in the world.

What lessons did you learn during the course of your project?

I have learnt that being surrounded by the right type of people and being a part of a healthy community can really change your outlook on life. We are one good tribe; the best there is in Dubai and the UAE.

Does your project end or keeps going? What’s your next move from here?

My next move is to expand the community even more, inspire more people and actively support more causes around the world. In fact it is happening today, DDF has already changed many lives, we have been able to provide shelter, food, clothing and basic amenities to numerous lives across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

What are the highlights of your project and what has kept you going?

The happiness of every single member of the DDF group, the hundreds of children and families we have brought smiles to and the multitude of people who have been able to lead a healthier, happier and better lifestyle. This is a reward by itself, i’m glad i started DDF and the positive ennergy from the community is has kept me going and has even made the group stronger.

What message are you sending to the world through DDF’s work?

The message I would like to relay through my work with DDF to the world is “Be together, stay together, because you are stronger together, whether it is a competition you are taking part in or a life challenging situation”. In DDF we stand together for each other, always. We are the best tribe there is.

What makes you unique from other change makers around the world?

I don’t see myself as being extraordinary or unique personally, however we are unique as a community. DDF is a community that is constantly striving to improve, inspire and change people’s lives on a daily basis.

There are many issues and conflicts around the world, if you were given the chance to change any of this issues which would you work on?

It is sad to admit that a lot of places in the world suffer from inhumanity, wars, racism, and starvation. If I was able to influence any element of this I wish to see the end to all wars and deliver quality education to rural areas.

You can now join Dubai Daily Fitness public community page on Facebookor search Dubai Daily Fitness on Facebook to join the closed group.

Written by: Ahmed Eldessouki, Edited by: Bayo Hassan Bello.