Radwa , from United States

Affordable homes and sustainable community developments just got real!

The AJALA Project brings to you an interesting story of Ms.Radwa Rostom, an inspiring Civil Engineer who is leading the way housing and community buildings are developed for the less privileged.

Radwa Rostom is a civil engineer with seven years experience. During her college years, Rostom was involved in several development and student activities, she volunteered virtually with UNvolunteers, worked on online projects with Open Online Academy to design resilient school, partnering with Architecture for Humanity and in another project to design emergency shelter with UNHCR.

Much of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 a day. This has a direct impact on the standard of life and quality of housing these people have. The mounting pressures on households to have a humane shelter adds up through mounting costs of infrastructure. Given the scenario, our Change Maker is on a mission to create sustainable Affordable Housing for the less fortunate around the world. A woman dedicated to building a sustainable future for all, leads an organic institution that puts people in Hands-on development approach for community infrastructure with indigenous solutions and collective resources that build Affordable Housing.

Her award winning social enterprise “Hand Over” uses sustainable techniques of construction for community development. Hand Over is focused on providing affordable and sustainable housing solutions and build community buildings for underprivileged communities. They achieve this by empowering local community members, students and graduates who volunteer for hands on experience right from ground up.

As a social entrepreneur and change maker, Radwa fuels her passion towards sustainable and affordable housing. With diverse experiences gained through devoting time by actively volunteering throughout her graduation days and making her passion to bring a positive change, Radwa has shown amazing resilience to develop communities that are often ignored.

Hand Over works as a collective and inclusive enterprise that aims to achieve real and sustainable community development. They share their extensive technical knowledge to transcend creative solutions to complex problems in building humane shelters that meet all basic needs for the welfare of people.

The goal is to develop models that are easy to implement under various circumstances such that tangible results are achieved and replicated through as many communities and neighborhoods. Through Hand Over, Radwa collaborates with students, universities, local municipalities and community members such that a positive developments reach the neglected and informal settlements who live in under privileged environment.

Radwa has been critically acclaimed and recognized across various countries for her commitment to develop affordable housing and sustainable infrastructure. Her Ashoka & Echoing Green fellowships and Winning the “Women for Resilient cities” competition organized by the World Bank are great milestones of her endeavor. Radwa is on a mission to develop communities around the world through environment stewardship and hands on experience to participants. The aim is to create a stimulus package that would incubate responsible building techniques, which are designed to encourage, and exchange knowledge through collaboration and action rather than dialogues and sympathy through charity.

Radwa Rostom and Hand Over wish to create a positive influence that promotes inclusive participation from various stakeholders, such that there is a visible change of mindset towards sustainable responsibilities of uplifting the under privileged members of the society to have a dignified quality of life.

Any upgrades to quality of living conditions will have a Positive life changing impact on the society. Affordable housing is one of the big challenges with major municipalities around the world, and Hand Over through their initiative has already begun to gain momentum to develop a brighter future for those in need.