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Hussein Shagufe, from Bangladesh
What happens when you integrate an invisible community with social skills training and a public platform?

The Ajala Project presents Shagufe — an activist changing the world. Shagufe Hossain is a social inclusion activist who founded Leaping Boundaries, a project that integrates Madrasah students into societies by developing their skills and providing them access to mainstream platforms. Traditionally isolated from society, Madrasah students are now given a chance to integrate into community. Madrasahs…

Jcqs Leui, from Nepal
How a mountaineering visit changed Jacq’s life and inspired her to set up an initiative to support rural communities in Nepal

The Ajala Project presents Jacqs Leui’i, an adventurer changing the world. The combination of Jacq’s professional experience in the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Industry and her personal passion for the country of Nepal, led her to a point in her life where combining her passion and abilities for the benefit of humanity became necessary. Jacqs…

Isabelle Rizo, from United States
Diary of a Digital Nomad

It all started when I was 16 years old. I came across a book with an interesting title that caught my attention “Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau. I picked it up and started reading. As I went through the pages, I discovered that you can travel around the world and make a living however you want.…

Jihad M Nasria, from United Arab Emirates
She brings smiles to the face of young children by building playgrounds in Egypt, Kenya and Nepal.

The Ajala Project presents Jihad Mnasria, a film-maker changing the world. Jihad is an independent TV and film producer and the founder of U smile I smile. A non-profit organization that support orphanages by helping to build playgrounds and providing toys for underprivileged children in Kenya and Egypt. My name is Jihad M’nasria, I’m 31 years old. Originally…

Guliafshan Tariq, from Pakistan
Guliafshan Tariq breaks the record of cycling to the highest border in the world.

The Ajala Project presents Guliafshan Tariq, a cyclist changing the world. Guliafshan Tariq is a record holder in Pakistan for cycling over 4693meters, -5 temp and covering 1000km in 9 days, Khunjerab (Pak-China Border) on a bicycle. She is a trained fighter and a member of Pakistan’s National Youth assembly. She is a brand ambassador of ‘Ladies…

Moin Khan, from Pakistan
Moin Khan embarked on a solo motorcycle adventure around the world to change the stereotypes people have about Pakistan.

The Ajala Project presents Moin Khan- a motorcyclist changing the world. “I have taken a passion of mine, gave myself goals, and documented the trials and tribulations I’ve endured to accomplish these goals. By sharing these adventures with you, I hope to inspire those that have wanted to do the same to take that final step…

Ahmed Eldesoukki, from Egypt
Ahmed shares the story of how he started Dubai Daily Fitness, a community that raises awareness about social causes through sporting event and adventures

The Ajala Project presents Ahmed – an adventurer changing the world. Ahmad, a professional photographer and art designer started a fitness group in Dubai two years ago called Dubai Daily Fitness (DDF). A movement to raise awareness about social causes through sporting activities and adventure. It now has more than 1500 members and has successfully supported…

Martina Buchal, from Canada
How to become an impactful leader or a socially conscious entrepreneur

The Ajala Project presents Martina Buchal– a speaker changing the world. Martina Buchal is a human rights activist, trained peace practitioner and an ambassador for One Young World in North America. She recently completed a world tour for World Merit, where she spoke at the Summit of the Americas, the United Nations, and many other conferences; facilitated…

Zenith Irfan, from Pakistan
Can a 21 year old girl change the perception of a patriarchal society and break the taboo for women to venture out alone?

The Ajala Project presents Zenith Irfan, a Pakistani girl changing the world. Read the story of Zenith Irfan, a girl who embarked on a solo journey across her home country of Pakistan to honor her father’s dying wish and change patriarchal beliefs and stereotypes of what a girl can or cannot do. Where the journey of one AJALA’s nomad…

Hadia Aslam, from United Kingdom
Dr. Hadia Aslam is on a mission to dignify refugees with access to healthcare.

The Ajala Project presents Dr. Hadia Aslam, a doctor changing the world. Hadia Aslam left a life of comfort to fly 3000km to single-handedly set up a medical and dental facility for refugees? The Ajala Project had the honour of interviewing Hadia Aslam on July 19th, 2016. What an inspiration! Being female, Asian, and a Muslim, Dr. Hadia…

Korvi Rakshand, from Bangladesh
Why did Korvi Rakshand leave his life in the city to provide education for rural children living in remote areas around Bangladesh?

The Ajala Project presents Korvi- a philanthropist changing the world. At 21, Korvi Rakshand left home to find a solution to provide education to the most rural and remote areas of Bangladesh. JAAGO Foundation, his initiative has educated more than 2200 children and built more than 13 schools. What made you decide on start this project, what…

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