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Hussein Shagufe, from Bangladesh
What happens when you integrate an invisible community with social skills training and a public platform?

The Ajala Project presents Shagufe — an activist changing the world. Shagufe Hossain is a social inclusion activist who founded Leaping Boundaries, a project that integrates Madrasah students into societies by developing their skills and providing them access to mainstream platforms. Traditionally isolated from society, Madrasah students are now given a chance to integrate into community. Madrasahs…

Jcqs Leui, from Nepal
How a mountaineering visit changed Jacq’s life and inspired her to set up an initiative to support rural communities in Nepal

The Ajala Project presents Jacqs Leui’i, an adventurer changing the world. The combination of Jacq’s professional experience in the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Industry and her personal passion for the country of Nepal, led her to a point in her life where combining her passion and abilities for the benefit of humanity became necessary. Jacqs…

Ajala Changemaker, from India
the school with the red stairs

How an Hyderabad-based design practice turned a decrepit school made out of a makeshift shed into an award-winning center and a community space. Bright Horizon Academy, also Hilltop School. (Supplied photo: DesignAware) The Hilltop school officially called the Bright Horizon Academy, is located on a hill top in an unplanned settlement within the walls of…

Siddharth Hande, from India
By connecting the formal and informal economy, this startup reduces India’s landfill waste

This Chennai-based social enterprise uses technology to reduce and recycle the waste that ends up in landfills across India. In doing so, they are also helping formalize the informal economy of waste pickers and junk dealers.

Dipesh Tank, from India
In the day Dipesh Tank works for a non profit, at night he runs one

In response to the 2012 gang rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi, Dipesh Tank launched War Against Railway Rowdies, a vigilante crew working to eradicate sexual assault on railway stations and trains. He’s also the co founder of Youth For People, an organization recruiting the youth’s involvement in community issues.

Kriya Sangh, Shaik Nayeem, from India
Building tomorrow’s changemakers in one of Hyderabad’s largest slums

To empower the youth of Rasoolpura, one of Hyderabad’s largest slums, Nayeem Pasha launched Kriya Sangh Society. The non profit tackles four main issues – health, education, skills and livelihood development, and water sanitization.

Amrita ApniShala, from India
From the classroom to the real world, Apni Shala curates life lessons

Based in Mumbai, Apni Shala (translates to My School) helps children from low income communities build their communication and social skills.

Alisha Aranha, from India
Scribbling art into India’s low income schools, one wall at a time

Along with her band of artists and volunteers, Alisha Aranha travels around India conducting art workshops in low income schools and creating murals in their classrooms. Her goal? To bring art to children that do not have access to it.

Isabelle Rizo, from United States
Diary of a Digital Nomad

It all started when I was 16 years old. I came across a book with an interesting title that caught my attention “Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau. I picked it up and started reading. As I went through the pages, I discovered that you can travel around the world and make a living however you want.…

Jihad M Nasria, from United Arab Emirates
She brings smiles to the face of young children by building playgrounds in Egypt, Kenya and Nepal.

The Ajala Project presents Jihad Mnasria, a film-maker changing the world. Jihad is an independent TV and film producer and the founder of U smile I smile. A non-profit organization that support orphanages by helping to build playgrounds and providing toys for underprivileged children in Kenya and Egypt. My name is Jihad M’nasria, I’m 31 years old. Originally…

Guliafshan Tariq, from Pakistan
Guliafshan Tariq breaks the record of cycling to the highest border in the world.

The Ajala Project presents Guliafshan Tariq, a cyclist changing the world. Guliafshan Tariq is a record holder in Pakistan for cycling over 4693meters, -5 temp and covering 1000km in 9 days, Khunjerab (Pak-China Border) on a bicycle. She is a trained fighter and a member of Pakistan’s National Youth assembly. She is a brand ambassador of ‘Ladies…

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