on October 11, 2017

Saving the world one travel at a time!

Hi! I am Erika, a young development worker most passionate about community engagement and civil society participation. Having worked in projects with organizations ranging from community groups, local governments, Universities, and international organizations such as UN Habitat and Asian Development Bank (ADB), I was able to see development from grassroots level to policy making level which definitely moved me to pursue this profession

I have extensive experience in managing local and international volunteers in community projects through her experience as Local Immersion Officer for ADB’s Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange, International Citizen Service National Volunteer for VSO Bahaginan, and Volunteer Program Assistant for Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly as Ithrive in a multi-cultural work environment as she has worked with volunteers and delegates from over 25 countries.

“To travel and leave a mark that sustains and empowers.”, this is what I believed in.

Last year, being a volunteer myself, I co-founded an organization in the Philippines called, “Bridging The Gaps”, a youth led organization spearheading European Union projects locally and abroad in areas of volunteerism, youth empowerment and involvement.

Moving to Dubai, and coming across The Ajala Project, it made me see development in new perspective. Definitely, I can say, I am Ajala. See you around!