Kuntal Joisher on June 16, 2017

Inks, Art and Shared Passions

Journey Into The Life of a Calligraffiti Artist, meet Maajed Ahmed from KSA.

Anywhere Maajed goes, he takes his pen with him – it’s like his ‘11th finger’. Maajed is one of the most humble Arabic calligraffiti artists you’ll ever meet. He has such a warm spirit and a passion to share his passion for Arabic calligraphy through henna tattoos. I went him to the opening night of The Workshop Gallery’s group exhibition last Thursday and within minutes he was surrounded by people wanting their names written on their arm in Arabic calligraffiti. The same happened Maajed visited The AJALA Project stand in World Art Dubai, a few months back, gallery owners and exhibition attendees swarmed around him to get their names written, speak of the power of attraction. Watch the video, Maajid in World Art Dubai.

Maajed doesn’t only create Henna art, it is in fact only a small part of who he is as an artist. He began his journey as a graffiti artist in 2013, most of his graffiti work at that time was done using English letters. He learnt to perfect his graffiti typography from one of the most prolific graffiti writer from France, Shuck Two  – @shuck2grafitti has been an artist for over 30 years. Maajed who is originally from Mecca, Saudi Arabia met with Shuck Two during one of his projects in SA. Maajed’s has a real passion for what he does, he’s particularly interested in expressing Arabic calligraphy with a modern twist, he loves to blend Arabic elements with manga or rasta style. He practises daily and always experiments with new styles and strokes. Check out Maajed’s works.

His interest for Arabic calligraffiti was piqued through his interaction with the world-renowned artist El Seed –  @elseed, the French-Tunisian artist blends the historic art of Arabic calligraphy with graffiti to portray messages of beauty, poetry and peace across all continents (ted.com). El Seed advised Maajed to explore aspects of Arabic calligraphy and graffiti and Maajed yielded El Seed’s advice. Four years down the line, the connection between El Seed and Maajed transcended from that of a mentor to mentee, it grew into a friendship and professional bond. As evident in Maajed’s role as the manager of El Seed latest project in Ajman. It is an opportunity of a lifetime for Maajed, one where he gets to work with some of the artists he looks up to and also oversee the commissioning graffiti installations across 30 buildings in the city of Ajman.

The list of confirmed artists for this mega project in Ajman, are El Seed, Shuck Two, Dia Allam and Rami Elzaghawy who’ve all began work on their installations in different buildings in Ajman. The project is led by Na7t Designs – @na7tdesigns, The First Emirati Brand for Arabic Calligraphy Lifestyle. One of the most notable artists under the umbrella of Na7t designs is Dia Allam, whose specialty is in Arabic calligraphy, Maajed is also an independent artist with Na7t designs. Maajed hopes to become one of the most renowned Arabic graffiti writers of all time.