on August 6, 2017

I am Aayaan Mehta and this is my story

Aayaan in a restaurant in Zagreb

Aayaan Mehta. Remember the name, because in 15 years that name is going to be all over the front page of the Wall Street Journal. And before you say anything, I want to be an Economist so well, that part is sorted. Now that that is clarified, I am currently entering Year 13 in Dubai Gem Private School and I want to study in the USA upon completion of high school next year.

I turned 18 a couple of months back, but I don’t have a license yet so there isn’t really a point in me technically being an adult now is there?

Never miss the opportunity for a typical tourist photo!
I am currently volunteering for The Ajala Project. The founders are downright brilliant people and the welcoming atmosphere that they create is just something that I thrive in. Initially, I just wanted to do something productive in the summer and get some experience working somewhere along with it, but as soon as I got the opportunity to work for Ajala, I knew that this was my calling to be a part of a project that will really make a difference and to do something for the greater good. The initiative is inspiring to say the least and I want to help Narmeen and Hassan change the lives of people forever.
A Wonder of the World with the Acropolis at the back
A Wonder of the World with the Acropolis at the back

Oh and I love sports, and when I say love I mean I’ll probably end up in a mental asylum without it. I follow more sports than I can keep track of, and play more than I can handle.

Saying I love travelling is an understatement, but then again there isn’t really a word to describe it. Since I was a 2-month-old baby shipped off to the USA for a holiday, travelling has been an integral part of my life that has shaped me and my beliefs into something far greater than I would have ever imagined. The experiences of understanding different cultures, meeting so many people and just exploring the world we live in is something that I am thankful for and would never give up.

This is my story, now it’s time to create a new one with Ajala.

In my element, 8000 feet up.
In my element, 8000 feet up.