on May 18, 2017

Culture of Fear, Eugen Varzic – Home Without Borders Art Exhibition

Culture of fear

When I think about the idea of Home without borders, I start from the position of a man whose country, not so long ago, became a part of utopia called the European community. My country now has a new and different form without borders, a new option within the economical-ly strong community. But even so we are, in Croatia, a part of the Mediterranean which has become a big tomb of unfortunate people, from Africa to Afghanistan. With the open market of EU drawing young people, regardless of education, far from their homes, every day my country loses the most – their able-bodied residents.

I do not know the exact number of everyone who has gone, but just for comparison only in Ireland there is 15.000 of us and God knows how many of them are all around Europe. The villages in my country are empty, and through them are now passing trains filled with refugees which also left their homes in search of something better. They all head towards a common unknown purpose.Everyone is looking for their freedom.

I did not paint Mediterranean tragedy. I simply painted us, ordinary new Europeans suddenly free, without borders within borders. Faces that tell stories. Stories of crisis, of the dream of leaving, and even stories of fear which helped develop today’s culture of fear. I painted unconventional refugees. People whose stories you don’t get to see on the news but whose stories are becoming a part of your everyday life. They are constantly walking among you invisible to the untrained eye. And I am here to help them tell their story.

The Mediterranean has now become a place of big changes, but that is to be expected since the only thing that’s constant now is change. It’s happening right now and we are all part of it, we are all brothers in it.

Eugen Varzic

“Oak” oil on canvas, 70×50 cm, 2017.

“Lisboa” oil on canvas, 70×50 cm, 2017.