Hello Everyone! My name is Sadhana Madnani and I am the AJALA Project’s summer student volunteer. My first interaction with the AJALA Project was at Integreat Centre’s (a special needs centre for young adults) Spring Fair. I was helping out at their Art Therapy stand and was blown away to hear the story of Olabisi Ajala. I knew that the Spring Fair would not be the last time I interact with The AJALA Project. As a high school student, my interests lie between art and psychology (art therapy) and The AJALA Project being a platform that provides a connection between artist and change makers sounded like a perfect fit for me to get involved in. Throughout the year, I stayed in touch with their team and visited events such as World Art Dubai where I had the privilege of meeting them again.

A month ago, I submitted one of my paintings into an exhibition with The AJALA Project and my painting was one of the 25 shortlisted artworks (out of 100 submissions) that had their work exhibited at The Workshop Gallery. My painting was the first one sold, where the proceeds went towards the ‘For your sake Somalia’ charity drive by Emirates Red Crescent which supports families living with famine and  hunger in Somalia.



DXB to Somalia Exhibition, The Workshop Gallery, Dubai

With Mona Gulaid from the ‘Every Dirham Counts’ Campaign

SOLD! My first ever painting that was exhibited at a gallery!

Over the past five years, I have worked closely with a school in Aleltu, Ethiopia (called The Ethiopian Children’s Fund) and have raised money to build an Arts Centre (for the school.) I have seen first hand the therapeutic benefits of the Arts with the children at the school and truly believe that art is a tool that should be utilised to help others and spread awareness. I truly love working with children and hope to pursue a career in Art Therapy in the future. In Dubai, I have hosted a series of art workshops and am proud to announce that I will be hosting my first Art Therapy Workshop in collaboration with The AJALA Project this Saturday 15th 4-6pm at The Impact Hub, Souk Al Bahar.


This workshop is targeted towards children, teenagers and young adults who are stressed out with their work and need some time to relax. In the first session (4-5pm), we will be drawing optical illusions. Optical Illusions are when our brain misunderstands the visual stimuli and tries to look for ways to maintain a balanced state. Optical Illusions are proven to develop self-regulation and  emotional support. The second session (5-6pm) will include zentangles. Colouring zentangles is an activity which allows your mind to destress, also allowing you to unlock memories of your simpler, childhood times. Colouring is sometimes referred to as the new form of meditation. Excited to see you all the workshop! You don’t need any art background to participate and materials will be provided!


Images from my last Optical Illusions Workshops

Images from my last Optical Illusions Workshops

RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/art-meditation-yoga-and-nutrition-event-this-saturday-from-4pm-to-9pm-tickets-36065839898