About Us

We are a Dubai-based online art platform and we are using art to raise awareness about social causes and bringing together a global community of artists to illustrate the initiative of grassroots changemakers, people making a positive impact for marginal communities. The artwork created is used to raise awareness about social causes around the world, while proceeds from the sales of this paintings online and at exhibitions is used to support the initiatives and also the artists.

What we aim to achieve through our platform is for individuals and businesses to:

  • Collaborate with our artists and changemakers to create sustainable partnerships
  • Discover artwork based on stories of inspiring changemakers and social initiatives
  • Support grassroot initiatives, emerging artists and storytellers through artwork purchase
  • Find artwork on apparels and prints and through ownership become change advocates
  • Collect or commission new artwork for homes/offices that fits a particular theme or vision


  • Provide a platform to connect changemakers and artists with a global community of supporters
  • Sell art on apparels and prints and also cater for corporate clients (product packaging, gifts, etc).
  • Organize events, workshops and art exhibitions to crowdfund for social initiatives


  • Provide a platform to promote social impact and positive change around the world.
  • Crowdfund for grassroot initiatives and support emerging artists and storytellers.
  • Cater for the needs of individuals and business with products that reflects their values